About MNA

Morrisdale Neighborhood Association, or the MNA as it’s often called, is a voluntary neighborhood association with the goal of increasing positive interaction between neighbors.

MNA’s Beginnings

At the inception of the neighborhood, the Morrisdale Development Corporation drafted a covenant of restrictions that would span a 25-year period. Those restrictions were written to uphold the high standards residents of Morrisdale were expected to live up to and to protect the value of property and natural beauty within the neighborhood.

Today, that original covenant is long-since expired, however, the Morrisdale Neighborhood Association (MNA) was reborn. Revived in summer 1994, the Morrisdale Neighborhood Association was a natural follow-up to the developer’s original ideas and covenant. The MNA serves the neighborhood in ways that protect the natural beauty of the neighborhood and facilitate getting to know one another by way of community events and social gatherings, as well as upholding the high standards of the neighborhood in general. The Association, as it’s known among members, is guided by a set of MNA By-Laws created at the time the Association was founded. MNA prides itself on developing the sense of community that exists in Morrisdale through these events and gatherings. The MNA is not so much a homeowners association as it is a neighborhood association. We are all neighbors! Committees such as the Christmas Committee, Directory, Beautification and others are led by volunteers from within the neighborhood who attend monthly board meetings and area/zone meetings.

Membership in the Morrisdale Neighborhood Association is voluntary, with minimal dues of $100 per year.

Mission Statement

To assure the continued safety of our families and homes, maintain neighborhood atmosphere and promote the mature charm of this development for new homeowners moving to this area.

Vicki Baum — June 28, 1994

Major Accomplishments

Citizens on Patrol

Morrisdale Estates has an active Citizens on Patrol group.

Since 1994, the MNA has played a key role in many neighborhood activities. Below are some key activities and accomplishments of the MNA since 1994.

  • Outstanding security program
  • Neighborhood outreach programs
  • Improved street lighting
  • Beautification and maintenance of the neighborhood
  • Newsletter
  • Directory
  • Community activities
  • Holiday decorations
  • Babysitting co-op programs
  • Home shows and yard visitations
  • Newly paved streets
  • ID stickers for vehicles
  • Closure of Pecan Street, reducing cut-through traffic and eliminating non-resident traffic and reducing crime within Morrisdale
  • Increases in percentage of memberships in MNA
  • 25% or greater participation in C.O.P. (Citizens On Patrol) program
  • Residents participate in city programs such as Citizen Fire Academy and Community Emergency Response Team
  • First fundraiser event raised over $4,500 for the revitalization of Morrisdale
  • Installation of traffic light at Driftwood and Pipeline
  • Successful negotiation of natural gas lease for more favorable terms and bonuses

Social Events

As a goal, MNA seeks to achieve bringing neighbors together for a sense of community, thereby furthering the community’s heritage. To that end, various social events are organized on an ongoing basis each year.

  • Annual spring picnic/cookout for members
  • Annual 4th of July parade and social
  • Organized occasional outings to local events
  • National Night Out (in 1996 Morrisdale was recognized as a national winner)
  • Oktoberfest cookout and social
  • Annual Christmas neighborhood celebration
  • Various area parties and socials in each neighborhood section
Social Events

MNA members enjoy a variety of social events all year long.

Positive Results

Having an active neighborhood association where residents can get involved in community activities and get to know their neighbors is shown to have many positive returns. Here are just some of the positive results of having the MNA.

  • Security cameras at each entrance record vehicle license numbers of all who enter and leave
  • COP and Neighborhood Watch signposts warn would-be thieves to stay out
  • We know our neighbors
  • We know and socialize together with common interests and goals
  • We have significant influence within the city
  • We have pride in our homes and yards
  • We make a considerable tax contribution to the city and the school district
  • We represent one of the largest blocks of voters in the city
  • Traffic flow is controlled (Woodvine is no longer a racetrack!)
  • Non-residents no longer wander through our streets at all hours
  • Our neighborhood is safer and our property more secure
  • Morrisdale is recognized as the most beautiful and unique neighborhood in Euless


The MNA consists of an executive board elected by the membership and includes: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Four Area Chairpersons and Four Area Directors. The MNA board meets monthly to discuss current activities, issues and board business. Morrisdale Estates is divided into four colored zones or areas. These include Green Area, Pink Area, Purple Area and Yellow Area, as defined in the MNA By-Laws. Each Area holds a monthly meeting to discuss activities, issues and Area business.