About Morrisdale Estates

For residents, Morrisdale Estates is the place we call home. Its rolling hills and lush green native Post Oak trees welcome people to the neighborhood from early spring through fall. Visit us at Christmas time to see our neighborhood lit up with is classic red curb lights and homes decorated and lit up for the festive Christmas season.

A Premier Neighborhood

Morrisdale Estates is located in Euless, Texas, at the corners of the mid-cities Hurst, Euless and Bedford. Morrisdale, as it’s often called, was always and is still a premier Euless neighborhood.

Morrisale Entrance in the early 1960s
Entrance to Morrisdale Estates in the early 1960s.

Morrisdale was planned from the start to be a first-rate community. The original developer, Paul Huffhines, chose to leave the neighborhood’s rolling hills and many native Post Oaks as undisturbed as possible. Lots were plotted large — a minimum of 100 feet — and homes just as large, at a minimum of 2,400 square feet. The developer’s original idea was to build homes that were “planned for gracious living with a distinctive address,” with room to live and play. The developer’s original brochure was preserved by an original homeowner and describes the home planning for the neighborhood.

The idea was to build a community that was not your average “tract-development” neighborhood, but to build homes that were different in design and landscaping. A feeling of uniqueness in each home was important and still is today, as Morrisdale residents take pride in their homes and landscapes, making each as distinct and different as the residents who live here.

Today, a mix of original homeowners present from the early 1960s and new residents creates an atmosphere of a neighborhood unlike most, where neighbors not only know who lives next door, but know just about everyone in the neighborhood. An active voluntary neighborhood association was revived in the 1990s to preserve the charm and uniqueness of the neighborhood and promote interaction between homeowners.

Back in 2008, the Purple Area within the neighborhood held a community area meeting and invited Purple Area original homeowners to come and talk about their experiences when they moved into the neighborhood back in the early 1960s. Many of the residents have since passed away, however, the video remains available to listen watch and listen to on YouTube for those who are interested in learning what it was like to live in Morrisdale way back at the beginning.

Purple Area Original Homeowners

Recorded in 2008, some of Morrisdale’s original homeowners discuss what it was like to buy a home and live in Morrisdale Estates. Click to watch.

A voluntary neighborhood association celebrates the uniqueness of the neighborhood and promotes friendly interaction between residents. This special relationship between neighbors is one of the things that makes Morrisdale so great. Most Morrisdale residents breathe a sigh of relief and comfort as soon as they turn into the neighborhood – to the place they call home.

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