Christmas 2022 Morrisdale Winners

This Christmas, as usual, Morrisdale residents went all out to decorate their homes with lights and decorations! What a beautiful thing the neighborhood is to see when driving around in the evening! External judges were brought in as usual this year to select the homes they wanted to single out as some of the best decorations. Below are the selections of the judges, and the selection by neighbors for Neighbors Choice! Congratulations to all those selected and to everyone for making Morrisdale festive for the holidays! Click a photo to see it larger!

Overall Awards

First Place
Beth Pizzuto and Arnold Fust
1309 Woodridge Circle

Second Place
Joshua and Jamie Harrison
1308 Pebble Creek

Most Creative
Christi Koss
1307 Shady Creek

Best Religious
Eddie and Janna Langford
1207 Cliffwood Road

Area Awards

Green Area
Craig and Kaylan Eastepp
1409 Pebble Creek

Pink Area
Mike and Laura Neal
1303 Cliffwood Road

Purple Area
Phil and Lynn Adams
1200 Pebble Creek

Yellow Area
Robert and Sarah Brinkman
4000 Wildwood Drive

President’s Choice
Bill and Linda Taylor
1201 Shady Creek Drive

Neighbors Choice
Mary Ann Taliaferro and Dan Taliaferro
4002 Wildwood Drive