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I’m buying a house or work for a title company. Can I get a HOA document for the seller?
Morrisdale Neighborhood Association is not an HOA per se. The rules in the covenant are expired and were not renewed, and as such, MNA does not operate as an HOA. There are no HOA rules or restrictions concerning homes in Morrisdale that are established by the association. Only city of Euless law applies. While we can send you a letter with our letter head, it will simply state that we do not operate as an HOA and have no restrictions on home purchases or sales.
Are there neighborhood association restrictions concerning fences, paint colors, etc?
Morrisdale Neighborhood Association is not a homeowners association, it’s a neighborhood association. There were a set of governing covenants, however, due to the age of the neighborhood, those covenants are expired. The MNA arose as a desire to get neighbors to know each other, and as a result, care more about one another and the neighborhood as a whole. There are no MNA restrictions or regulations governing behavior within Morrisdale. That said, Morrisdale is within the city limits of the City of Euless, and all city ordinances do apply.
Why is the MNA newsletter section password protected? How can I access it?
The MNA newsletter is a benefit to paid MNA members and as such we felt it appropriate to provide access to the online version to paid members only. If you are a paid member or the board has agreed to comp membership or otherwise provide access to the online newsletters, please use our Contact form and we’ll check things out and provide you a password to access this section.
Can I get the Morrisdale Newsletter emailed to me?
You sure can! Please use the Contact Us form to request an emailed PDF version of the Morrisdale MNA newsletter. Paid MNA members or comped members may receive the newsletter either mailed via postal mail or via email, or, by request, can access the newsletter in PDF form here on this website by requesting the password to the newsletter section via the Contact Us form.
Is there an email list for Morrisdale Neighborhood Association? If so, how do I get on it?
There is no official email news or communication from MNA that goes out. MNA encourages residents to join the closed Facebook group and to look into Nextdoor, which is a private, independently operated service that facilitates communication between neighbors. Occasionally, important announcements will be posted to the homepage of this site.
When is trash/garbage pickup in Morrisdale Estates?
Trash pickup in Morrisdale happens every Monday and Thursday, with recycling pickup on Thursdays. During Thanksgiving week, trash/garbage is picked up on Friday after Thanksgiving in Morrisdale. At Christmas and New Year, trash collection shifts to the next business day after Christmas or New Year’s Day if the holiday is on a scheduled pickup day (Tuesday or Friday).
How do I join the Citizens on Patrol group?
The Citizens on Patrol group is has two current captains, Bill Taylor and Lou Baum. A short class in COP training is required for all new Citizens on Patrol members and Lou or Bill can fill you in on this as well as when the class is offered and how to become involved. If you need us to contact Bill or Lou on your behalf, use our Contact form and we’ll pass it along to them.
How do I pay my MNA dues?
Dues can be paid via PayPal payment. Use the link on the home page. Dues can be paid directly to the treasurer or provided to area leaders to give to the treasurer. They can also be sent to the postal address for MNA: MNA, PO Box 1059, Euless, TX 76039. Checks should be made to MNA or Morrisdale Neighborhood Association.
What is the due date to pay MNA dues each year?
MNA dues payments are required by July 1st each year for the upcoming fiscal year.
How much are MNA dues?
MNA dues are a $100 per fiscal year. Membership in MNA is voluntary. When paying by PayPal, we suggest an additional $10 for a total $110 to cover the cost of doing business with PayPal.