MNA Christmas Award Eligibility Rules

Each year, MNA awards various homeowners who decorate their homes for the Christmas holidays. That said, some rules for eligibility have been established over the years for these awards.

As you all know, Christmas is fast-approaching. Our neighborhood tradition is to ask each resident to put out C9 TRANSLUCENT RED OR LED C9 RED BULBS along the curb in front of their home. The effect is really magical, and you may decorate as much or as little extra as you like. We will be having our Annual Decorations Contest on Saturday, December 18th. We will be awarding 8 signs to those houses eligible with the best decorations.

The 8 awards are:

FIRST PLACE, SECOND PLACE, BEST RELIGIOUS, MOST CREATIVE, AND BEST OF AREA for each of the four areas of our neighborhood (pink, purple, green and yellow).

To be eligible for any of these 8 awards you must be:
1) A paid member of the association
2) Must have your C9 TRANSLUCENT RED CURB LIGHTS OR LED C9 RED BULBS installed along your curb
3) They MUST BE lit/turned on the night of judging
4) You cannot have won any of these 8 awards in the past 2 years

We will have 3 judges WHO DO NOT LIVE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD (to prevent any favoritism) select the winners.

The night of judging will be Saturday, December 18th, starting at dark. (This is a different date from the info shown on the Christmas flyer.) If you wish to be considered for any of these awards, please have your outside lights turned on starting at dark until about 9 PM.

We do have a 9th Award – NEIGHBOR’S CHOICE. This one award is OPEN TO ALL RESIDENTS, PAID MEMBERS OR NOT. This one award is voted on by ALL RESIDENTS. To vote on this award, drive around the neighborhood & select the house you feel is most deserving of the honor. Go to our website: and complete the ballot for your choice. You have 1 vote for each adult in the household. The website will be open for your votes on Dec. 18th until MIDNIGHT only. Go to Neighbors Choice Christmas Award Voting – Morrisdale Neighborhood Association to cast your vote!

If you are not on the computer, you may call 817-929-1603 and leave your name, address and the address of the house you wish to vote for. Please speak slowly and clearly.
It is possible to receive one of the 8 awards by Judges and to also receive the Neighbor’s Choice award.

Wooden award signs are presented on the Sunday morning after judging the previous Saturday night. We also include a spotlight to highlight the award sign. Both the sign and spotlight are picked up on the first weekend in January.