Neighborhood Committees

Neighborhood Committees

Neighborhood committees are at the heart of all activities in Morrisdale. Without our committee volunteers, our events would be difficult to host. They schedule and plan most of the events we all love, as well as help keep our neighborhood beautiful and informed. If you’d like to help serve on an MNA committee or just simply lend a hand at an event, feel free to reach out to your area chairperson or director or other members on the MNA board. Their numbers are in your printed directory. You can also use the Contact form on this site to reach out for more information about how to help.


Help keep Morrisdale beautiful, join the Beautification Committee and keep our common areas like the gazebo, the Driftwood island, front entrance and more in tip-top shape. Decide each month from spring through fall which home has made the greatest effort to put on a green thumb and make Morrisdale beautiful.

Activities/Events Scheduling

Your area representatives and zone leaders can help with planning area events, and also can communicate desires for events to the MNA board. You may use the Contact form on this website for more information or use the Add an Event section in the Event Calendar to request the addition of an event. Keep in mind, the Event Calendar is for MNA sanctioned events and city events only. All events submitted will be reviewed before publishing.


The holidays in Morrisdale are a special time, as residents really put forth a superb effort to make our community a showplace all can be proud of. You can help plan our Christmas celebration and decorate our common areas to make it the success it is every year. This committee always needs lots of volunteers each year since it’s a large undertaking. Please contact your area representative for more on how you can help plan and put on the Christmas activities. No other time of year does Morrisdale shine as brightly as Christmas time. Your ideas and help on this committee would be a great help to plan and execute this great celebration.

COP Directors

Taking a bite out of crime is what it’s all about. The Citizens on Patrol are the eyes and ears of the Euless Police Department. They report any suspicious activity to the police department to follow up on. They attend special training courses to know how to patrol and what to look for. So, if you’re an early bird, or a night owl, or just need something to do for a few hours once or twice a month, this might be just right for you!


Our neighborhood directory helps us all keep in touch! And it’s a very big job indeed to keep track of people moving in, moving out, and changing phone numbers. 


The Historical Committee is a committee created in 2009 to help keep track of MNA over the years. There has always been a collection of documents and photos passed on from year to year, and now a committee will help keep it all organized.


Keeping membership numbers up is what makes Morrisdale an active community. The higher our membership, the more funds are available for area events and community activities and projects.


Meet and greet newcomers to the neighborhood and the MNA and make them feel welcome here. Few neighborhoods go to such great lengths to welcome new neighbors.


Are you seeking to satisfy that hidden writer within? Help publish our written newsletter. Use the Contact Us form on this site to get more information. We’ll put you in touch with the current editor or submit the article for you.


In the event of an emergency, are you cool, calm and collected? Then maybe you could help out with Safety and Security of Morrisdale. Help direct traffic during major events or assist in other ways with the safety and security of the neighborhood.


Be the social butterfly! Join the Social Committee and help with some of our big neighborhood events like Oktoberfest and Spring Fling and more. With so many events to plan and make happen, there’s always plenty to do!