Neighbors Choice Christmas Award Voting

Merry Christmas! May your leg lamp shine brightly!

Merry Christmas! May your leg lamp shine brightly!

The voting for Morrisdale Neighbors Choice ended at 11:59PM on 12/15/22. Votes are being tallied and a winner of all the 2022 Christmas awards will be announced this evening on the home page! Congrats to all the selected homes, and thank everyone for another great year of decorations! YOU made the neighborhood beautiful!

Did you catch the new movie A Christmas Story Christmas yet? Wow, what fun!  And with that each year comes voting by residents on which yard/home should be awarded Neighbors Choice Award. This award is open to be won by any home in the neighborhood, member of MNA or not. To vote on this award, drive or walk around the neighborhood and select the house you feel is most deserving of the honor. Each adult resident in a house may vote one time and only the most recent vote will count (in case you submit one and change your mind you can submit it again and only the most recent one will count). The deadline for voting for Neighbors Choice will be midnight on the same night as the official judging, on Thursday, December 15th.

Drive around and come back here to submit your choice for Neighbors Choice!  Click here to view eligibility rules.

Neighbors Choice Award Voting