Reminder of City of Euless Animal Ordinances

A reminder to all residents that the city of Euless has ordinances concerning animals. These are of particular concern as it concerns dogs, which sometimes do escape their confines and get out and may attack or frighten people who may be walking nearby. The city ordinances are very clear concerning this, and it is a homeowner and resident’s responsibility to maintain control of their animals at all times. Below are the ordinances concerning animals at large to remind everyone. The full ordinances may be found at and particularly section 10-61 concerning Animals running at large, generally is at

§ 10-61
Animals running at large, generally.
It shall be unlawful for any person owning an animal to permit such animal to run at large.
An animal shall be considered to be running at large unless it is restrained under the following circumstances:
It is securely caged or confined to its owner’s home or yard, which yard is enclosed by a fence of sufficient strength and height to prevent the animal from escaping therefrom, or secured on the premises by a chain, leash or other restraining line of sufficient strength to prevent the animal from escaping from the premises and so arranged that the animal will remain upon the premises when the chain, leash or restraining line is stretched to full length. No such chain, leash or restraining line shall be less than ten feet in length.
It is accompanied by its owner or trainer at a bona fide show, field trial or exhibition.
It is secured by a leash or rein of sufficient strength to restrain and control the animal.
It is a guard dog appropriately registered under the provisions of section 10-73 and is in the performance of duty in an enclosed building or securely fenced and locked area marked as provided in section 10-73.
Any officer or citizen of the city is hereby authorized to take up and deliver to the animal control officer any animal that may be found running at large in the corporate limits of the city.
Any peace officer or animal control officer of the city is authorized to impound any animal running at large or otherwise found in violation of this chapter. If the animal running at large, or in violation of this chapter, is on private property, or property of the animal’s owner, such peace officer or animal control officer may enter such premises, other than a private dwelling, for the purpose of impoundment or the issuance of a citation, or both, subject to the applicable provisions of the law.