Thinking of Not Joining

Concerned about paying through PayPal online?

While PayPal is a fairly well trusted online service provider that has been around for a long time, if you’re still not comfortable with online payments or just prefer to pay your yearly dues the old fashioned way, you can certainly do that via check to the membership chairperson, the treasurer, or your local area representatives.

You can mail the check in to:

P.O. Box 1059
Euless, TX 76039

Or even drop the check off at the chairperson of the Membership committee, Barbara Brown, or even your area representatives. Of course, plain old cash can be accepted as well, just make sure we know who it’s from regardless of how you choose to pay your yearly dues!

If you’d like to try again at PayPal, the suggested dues amount is $110 to cover the processing costs at PayPal.